Knights of the Retro Table #03: Zelda’s Future

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What will the Legend of Zelda gameseries do after Tears of the Kingdom?

Nintendo has the triforce, but after striking gold with so many different Zelda games, it’s a Hyrulian task to make every new entry a banger. In this third quest Peter “Retrogamepapa” is joined once again by Michiel Kroder and Max the Dutch Gamer. And there’s also Bruno Ramos, a Zelda know-it-all and professional colorist, as a special guest. The knights talk about their love for the Zelda series and how they think Tears of the Kingdom will be like. It’s also discussed what they think Nintendo will do in the upcoming years with the Zelda series. And what would they like Nintendo to do? Peter pitches a lot of Zelda game ideas, like “The Fiddle of Torment” with some being even more ridiculous than others.

In the entrance part of the podcast the knights discuss some other games. Big titles like the Super Mario RPG’s, Fire Emblem: Three Houses are talked about. But also a lot of indie gems: Cult of the Lamb, Death’s Door, Deathloop, Dead End City and Crossgunr. Peter also talks about two Wii-exclusive hidden gems on the Wii: a rare Japanese horror game Ikenie no Yoru and Western Heroes, an on-rail shooter.

Other media which is discussed: Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul and keeping two balls in the air.

Retrogamepapa’s Addendum: A lot of fun and good stuff had to be cut from this quest. Recording a podcast with a total of 4 people was a lot of fun, but it also resulted in everything taking longer. The stuff that has been cut, like the entire jousting session, will be up on our Patreon page.

It’s also because of the Zelda gameseries as a subject that we rambled on for so long. There’s just too much to discuss almost, and every knight that participated in this quest is very passionate about the series. Of course we will most definitely talk about the Zelda gameseries again in the future!

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  1. Mike

    That was another good episode! Maybe I should finally start playing the games, haha.

    What are your thoughts on the Zelda creepypasta (Ben Drowned)?

    1. Retrogamepapa

      Thanks Mike! You really should play at least some Zelda game, they’re in a league of their own. I don’t know a single thing about a Zelda creepypasta :O. I do know some stuff from creepypasta, but I’ll check it out! I do vaguely remember some stuff going around on the web about some dark version of Zelda/Link of some sorts, but all kinds of people do all kinds of things on the web :P.

  2. Mike

    There is this creepypasta about a cursed Majora’s Task (haha) cartridge. There is even some gameplay (which you can find on YouTube) to back it up with.

    I’ve recently been busy with this creepypasta for my own podcast. My guest and I don’t go into detail about this particular creepypasta, but there are some clips. 🙂

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