Knights of the Retro Table QUEST 12: Retro gaming news, new format.

knights of the retro table retro gaming podcast quest 13

Lots of stuff to talk about after the summer holiday!

New retro stype 8-bit games, Max breaks the rules, Peter has finished 100s of games, Michiel actually looking forward to a remake and why so much hate for Limited Run Games? All this and more, in this new style Knights of the Retro Table podcast!

We’re on the brink of a new season, and with this we like to try out a slightly different format! The main quests will consist of: The entrance, Retro gaming news (we still need to come up with a knightly name for this), jousting and the sign-off/outro. Retro gaming news will be us choosing interesting news (according to us) and give it our thoughts. The sign-off/outro is where we will talk about any non-gaming related stuff we’d like to mention, such as movies, music etc. Big discussions from now on will have their own episode. Do you like this new approach, or do you hate it? Anything in between? Let us know!

Max talks a lot about Guardians of the Galaxy and Switch games he bought, Michiel has been playing a lot of ZELDA, as one does, after the release of Tears of the Kingdom. Peter “Retrogamepapa” goes off about how he has been able to finish a lot of games, like Castlevania 64, Mr. Bones, Bendy amongst others. The poor dude has had a forced holiday of 6 weeks, can you imagine?

News items are focused mainly around new retro type of games that are coming out. We give our opinion and highlight stuff we personally think is mentionworthy. In this quest:

  • Bitmapbooks upcoming book about box art
  • Zephyr’s Pass: GBC game Incube8 is releasing physically
  • Going off the rails on Limited Run
  • Mew coming to Pokémon Scarlet/Violet
  • Red Dead Redemption coming to the Switch
  • Blade Runner remastered release
  • Kudzu: Gameboy style game coming out
  • Simpsons Arcade is coming to MiSTer and Analogue Pocket
  • Shadow of the Ninja remake, Kage, is in development

Retrogamepapa’s Addendum:

Stuff mentioned in the entrance: Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Guardians of the Galaxy video game and vol. 3 movie, Dredge (the game as well as the band Dredg), Ghost Trick Phantom Detective, Bendy and the Dark Revival, Archvale, Mr. Bones, Symphony of the Night (Saturn version) and the N64 Castlevania games.

Relevant links:

Retrogamepapa’s Castlevania reviews (in Dutch): https://www.retrogamepapa.nl/category/game-reviews/castlevania/

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