QUEST 01: Remakes of video games

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First English spoken podcast episode!

Remakes of video games… Why make them? Or why not? Do we have remakes we like, or specifically hate? Peter “Retrogamepapa” Scheffer discusses these questions and issues with his fellow knights Max the Dutch Gamer and Michiel Kroder. This is the first ever English spoken “Knights of the Retro Table” podcast, which is centered around retro games and the gaming industry as a whole. In every episode the knights will go through multiple topics, where they discuss games they’ve played, pick out a game from their collection and discuss a new main topic each week. In the other topics of this episode the knights discuss Mystical Ninja 2 on N64, Sine Mora, The Yakuza series and Dynamite Cop, amongst others.

Retrogamepapa’s Addendum: I’m stoked, happy and a bit anxious all at the same time. We now open the doors to a way bigger (potential) audience with the English spoken Knights of the Retro Table. Behind the scenes we had already been planning and working on English episodes, but everything kept going wrong like it was cursed. I also would love to hear what everyone’s thoughts are about this podcast. Do you like the format, our jokes? Is it the opposite? Do you miss something, let me know! And also in regards to the main topic: What is your opinion on video game remakes, yay or nay?

Relevant links:

Michiel’s own podcast with main focus on arcade games: https://videowizardspodcast.com/

Max the Dutch Gamer’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MaxTheDutchGamer

Our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/retrogamepapa

Two (Dutch) articles by Retrogamepapa about video game remakes: 4 goeie remakes, remakes van games, waarom?

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