Knights of the Retro Table QUEST 06: A Retro Game look back on 2022

And also a slight look forward into 2023

Great collections, weird indies and lots of Yachts! In this quest Peter Retrogamepapa and Michiel Kroder look back upon last year. Was it a good year for retro games? Which cool new retro games came out and which awesome rereleases of old retro games where released? There was a lot of retro stuff in 2022, so buckle up and listen! Of course there’s also the Entrance in which the knights talk about their latest antics, acquisitions in gaming land as well as the Jousting where each knight light out a game from their collection.

Main games mentioned in the Entrance and Jousting: Transformers Beyond Reality (PSVR), Fragrant Story (3DS), Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii), Lomax (PS1) and Closed Nightmare.

Other media mentioned: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures and Wednesday.

Games mentioned in the main topic: Capcom Fighting Collection, M2 Shottriggers Toaplan Arcade Garage: Hishou Same! Same! Same!, Shovel Knight DIG, SLaVE (Dreamcast), Mina the Hollower, Arcade Paradise, Turrican Anthology 1 and 2, Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration.

Retrogamepapa’s Addendum: Both Michiel and me could have namedropped a lot more, because there’s a lot going on retro gaming wise the last couple of years. Many 8-bit, 16-bit style games, demakes, etc, it’s a wonderful thing. I hope you like our picks!

Relevant links:

Transformers Beyond Reality website: https://transformers.meta4.games/

Other places whereth thou can listen to the knights:

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